Delia’s Happy Christmas

Delia Smith's new book Delia's Happy Christmas is an excellent companion to her original Delia Smith's Christmas book. Delia's new book is much more than just an update of her earlier book, including several new sections which are much more pertinent to the way we eat today. Delia encourages a more relaxed attitude to Christmas entertaining, ordering food over the internet and encouraging us to prepare more food in advance and using the deep freeze to save time and hassle over the busy holiday period.

The Vegetarian section contains many new, contemporary recipes and there are new chapters on Celebration Seafood, Other Main Courses, which covers the week between Christmas and New Year and Hogmanay, which covers New Year entertaining.

Whilst Delia's Happy Christmas will not make my well used copy of Delia Smith's Christmas entirely redundant, it will definitely sit beside it and become another well loved seasonal friend, containing many new recipes that cover that usually overlooked period between Christmas and New Year.

If you love to cook, whether you are planning elaborate celebrations for family and friends or just a small family party, Delia's Happy Christmas is the book for you.

You can find Delia’s Happy Christmas at the stores below at low prices - just the thing for Christmas!